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Hello and welcome! I write scifi, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance mainly for adults with a few middle-grade sci-fi stories to mix it up.Signs you're probably reading a JD Cadmon book:
*Leads are often bisexual
*Banter and wordplay abound
*Characters are often musicians, multi-lingual, or multi-lingual musicians!
*Families (found or biological) are important and support each other

Stories for Younger Readers

So far my younger stories (or the young at heart) have been published only in the Brave New Girls anthologies. After writing two stories, I have caught the bug and might write more Stories from Carter Station in the future."Ines of Carter Station" in Brave New Girls: Tales of Girls who Tech and Tinker (2020)Ines, a human girl of Mars origin, lives aboard a space station orbiting Jupiter, and when she doesn't get her morning messages from her parents who are miners on Ganymede, she uses her weather smarts to find out why the messages aren't being delivered.The story illustration was by Liana Kangas."Blooming Where She's Planted" in Brave New Girls: Chronicles of Misses and Machines (2022)A deaf girl named Leelah befriends a Terran girl named Annie and solves a problem in the hydroponics lab before it can result in dire consequences for Carter Station.The story illustration is by Adriano Moraes. I love his Jupiter, and I can tell he actually read the story because it's a perfect recreation of a pivotal moment."Gorgons Vs. Green Knights" in Brave New Girls: Tales of Girls Who Engineer and Explore (2023)After being stalked by a bully from a rival high school, Meesha and her fashionable cousin Henry and goth hacker Iris develop a program to fight back against a bad-faith facial recognition AI.Illustration by Barbara Smith. I love how beautifully she rendered Meesha's Bantu knots.

Stories for Adults and Mature Readers

A Feral Spark (October 19, 2021)On the run from the genetics lab that made him, a nameless werewolf crosses paths with a young woman whose aura glows with primordial fire. Though he should keep running, he has to know the reason for her light.Miranda, in New York for farrier training, is intrigued by the queer stranger who reacts to her secret with joy and awe, unlike her family who fears her.Choosing the name Jason, he puts down roots for the first time since his escape. As their friendship grows, Miranda's ability to manipulate fire strengthens, catching unwanted attention from the geneticist hot on Jason's tail.To save the woman he's come to love, Jason must choose between abandoning the new life he's created or standing with her and facing his greatest fears.In their darkest hour, all they need is a spark.~~~~~Let's Bake a Deal (June 22, 2022)When sex-shop owner Eva Stephens meets ambitious baker Remo Belli over the trash one morning, they quickly whip up a half-baked scheme to benefit both of their businesses.Remo, home again after completing his pastry arts degree, wants to take over the family bakery, but his nonna won't hear of it unless he's in a relationship that might lead to grandchildren. Asexual Remo finds that outcome highly unlikely, but fake-dating Eva for six months might be the secret ingredient to changing his nonna's mind.In exchange, Remo will help Eva entice hesitant community members through the doors of The Love Shack by creating tempting treats for the sex-positive shop's educational programs. Eva, who has been struggling to keep her shop afloat, is more than willing to test his recipe for success.It's strictly business—no feelings have to be involved. Too bad falling for each other is as easy as pie.Content Warning: Mild depictions of aphobia and homophobia~~~~~A Fire In Her Bones [A Feral Spark, book 2] (December 12, 2023)Dark secrets can't hide from the brightest fires.Miranda has always been alienated from her family. Being born with the ability to control fire will do that. After a childhood accident killed several people and maimed her grandfather, she was ostracized by those who were supposed to love her unconditionally.Now at nineteen, with fresh confidence in her abilities and a new werewolf boyfriend who revels in her gift, Miranda goes home to Montana for Christmas. Instead of the closure and reconciliation she craves, she discovers a hole in her memory of that old accident and a connection to a murder 40 years before she was born.Figuring it all out may put her estranged family at risk. To save them, Miranda will have to use all her talents to ensure everyone gets out alive.Content Warnings: Homophobia, Peril in fire, Child endangerment

Contact Me

You can find me on Twitter, Blue Sky, Instagram, and a few random Discord servers.Feel free to buy and review my ebooks at your favorite e-tailer.I don't have a newsletter yet, but it's coming... eventually.

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